Organize your job search!

Looking for a new job requires tracking job applications, hiring managers, recruiters, professional contacts, and all those tasks they demand. Managing all of this information is daunting! Here is how this free site will help you get your search under control:

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Upload Your Spreadsheet

If you've been tracking job applications in a spreadsheet, just upload it to transfer what you've already accomplished.

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Import new postings

Use the free browser extension to import new job postings with a single click.

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Tune your application

Let the key phrase highlighter find the skills you need to highlight in your resume. Save your customized cover letter and resume in the app so you always know what you submitted.

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Track Your Progress

The Dashboard puts everything in context, with complete access to all of the underlying information, too.

Visualize Relationships
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Visualize Relationships

Which recruiter called about that job? With all of your job search data linked, these connections are right in front of you, ready for your next move.

Your Professional Network
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Expand Your Network

It is well known that your professional network is the shortest path to a great new job. Keep track of all those relationships with a click of a button.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below

How much does this cost?

It is absolutely free! There is no charge to use the system, no subscription cost either. In fact no credit card is requested at all. You don't even need to register an email address if you wish, although one is required if you ever need to use the password recovery feature. If you are looking for a new job, the last thing you need is another bill to pay!

Why should I use this site?

It makes things easier! Looking for a new job involves talking to a lot of people, submitting a staggering number of applications, and making a lot of commitments. Tracking all of these crucial details can be mind-numbing if you don't have the right system to keep everything straight. This site handles all the drudgery of organizing all the details, due dates, and relationships so that you can concentrate on finding your next great job.

Does this site host job postings?

No it does not. You can use your favorite job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, or any other job board to find interesting opportunities. Once you find an attractive potential job, you can copy the posting into this system, or just copy a link to the job page. Then you can get started making your way through the arduous hiring process. This site can help you out every step of the way. Even push due dates to your Google Calendar to keep them front and center.

How can I learn how to use this site?

This site is very easy to use! Just a few clicks will get you started collecting and organizing the details of your job search. Click on any link or button and see just what it does! There's no way to accidentally delete anything, so just try things out. It will be okay!

Is there a limit to the number of jobs or contacts that I can save here?

There are no limits. We want to support your job search, no matter how many job applications you submit or people you add to your professional network. No "magic number" of contacts or job applications triggers a cost for you.

Are you sure this is free?

This is totally free! We have a number of other web sites that generate income. This is our way of giving back.

Do you have questions? Just use the Leave Feedback link below to ask them and we'll get right back to you!