Professional Networking Explained

So what is Professional Networking?

Think of that old "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game. You connect with people in your industry through people you already know. Each of these connections can offer their insights and advice about industry issues and emerging trends. Some of these new connections will refer you along to other people in your industry. Each connection strengthens your position as a player in your industry.

The best way to get your job application to stand out from the rest is to have it presented to the hiring manager by a company employee or business colleague. That requires you to have a connection with a lot of people to increase the odds that you will know someone connected to an open position that is right for you. So the key to finding your next position may be to expand your professional network.

Approach networking like any other important project:

Networking takes a lot of time, a lot of attention, and a lot of record keeping. That's why this site was created.

With the administrative side of networking under control, you will have more time to spend on the real work: finding your next job!

So give a try, it is free and doesn't even require an email for registration.