Do I need a LinkedIn Profile?

What, another social media account?

Without question, social media can be a burden! So many sites, each with different strengths and purposes. It can get overwhelming fast. But do you need a presence on LinkedIn if you are open to a new job?

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was started in 2003 as an online community for working adults. Sometimes called “Facebook for grownups” it is the premier site for business networking and job search. Although it is free to create a profile and post updates, a substantial part of LinkedIn’s revenue comes from its industry-leading fee-based recruiting applications. Recruiters pay a monthly fee to use LinkedIn's specialized search, communication, and tracking tools to find LinkedIn user accounts matched to their recruiting needs.

What's in it for me?

If you are open to exploring new job opportunities, it only makes sense to have a presence in this dominant job-hunting marketplace. While it is not necessary to post frequent updates on your LinkedIn profile, it is well worth spending half an hour creating a basic profile so that you can be visible to recruiters in your industry. Once your profile is complete, updates are only required when you have a major achievement or job change to report.

What makes a good profile?

What are the key elements of a successful LinkedIn profile? First, remember that this is a professional setting, so maintain a professional tone throughout your profile. Include a good headshot, paying special attention to the background and your grooming. Remember that this will set a first impression, so take your time curating this important photo. Next, craft a “headline” statement that encapsulates your professional goals and key strengths. Follow this headline with a brief summary of your education and accomplishments. Add in your work history and your basic profile is complete.

After your profile is built

Making LinkedIn connections can be a valuable way to strengthen your professional network without leaving your couch. Spend some time searching for your current and former work associates, and don’t forget previous supervisors. LinkedIn uses an extended network system for passing your connection requests through connections you already have to get to your target person, so as your connections grow, your ability to connect with employees of target companies improves dramatically. You can expect to receive messages from recruiters anxious to schedule a phone call to discuss a potential job in short order.

So hopefully you can see that the benefits of a LinkedIn profile outweigh the short-term nuisance of crafting a good-looking page. Get in there and make some connections!

Job hunting takes a lot of time, a lot of attention, and a lot of record keeping. That's why this site was created. With this site on your side, you will have more time to spend on the real work: finding your next job!

So give a try, it is free and doesn't even require an email for registration.